Gecko Grill - The Original Pizza Braai!


Gecko Grill Mobi

304 & 3CR12 stainless steel, compact, pizza braai and grill.
Two different height settings.
The Gecko Pizza Braai comes with everything included to make Pizzas except the charcoal and pizza ingredients.
To make two pizzas simultaneously, please order an additional Pizza base plate.
*Travel Bag not included in price.

Gecko Grill Maxi

304 & 3CR12 stainless steel outer & carbon steel inner wall mounted braai with ash catchment tray and chimney.

Gecko Grill Deluxe

Carbon steel, conventional built-in braai with cable height adjustable grill.


The first braai that was developed is a “wall mounted” design, hence the name “Gecko” which one normally see against a wall. We like to braai, and we tested the Gecko Grill products thoroughly before they were ready for market release. We hope you will find as much enjoyment using them as we do. We absolutely love the uniqueness of each product. From the compactness and convenient ashtray of the Maxi and Midi grills, to the easy grill height adjustments on the Gecko Grill Deluxe. But let’s not forget about the Gecko Grill Potjie and Gecko Grill Pizza, which we hope will open a whole new dimension to the meaning of the word “braai”.

We have filed provisional patents on all the different unique attributes which we have developed, which will hopefully protect and ensure the quality of these South African innovations for a while. 

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